Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hey, remember how I said it was going to take us eight-plus hours to get to Iowa? Ha, ha, ha... woo, that was a great one!

11 1/2.

I'm too busy attempting to collect the pieces of my ass, that were ripped beyond recognition by this trip so I can take them to the seamstress and have them stitched back together into something vaguely reminiscent of my former non-ripped ass, to post anything substantial tonight.

One thing I will say, however, is that you, Taco Bell, are SO on my shit list it's not even funny. You are muerte to me.


Kim said...

Speaking about Taco Bell and a ripped-up ass in the same thought stream says a lot about your trip.

Sorry it sucked so mightily.

Lacy said...

"...I'll have my fill of various grilled meats and ambrosia salad, and I probably won't shit for three days."

Apparently, this was less of a problem than anticipated.

Crescent said...

speaking of bm's...I swear I didn't go finding