Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Blogishment

I have a handy new tool for helping to behaviorally modify Mr. Z. Now, when he freaks out/loses his shit/threatens his sister/doesn't listen/generally engages in unacceptable sassiness, I no longer threaten with a TV/video game suspension consequence -- all I have to say is, "Okay, no blogging tomorrow." Works like a fucking charm.

Because of some weekend shenanighastly behavior, his bloggage was suspended through tomorrow. But he has fallen into line very quickly and has been quite cherubic the last couple of days. He keeps saying, "I can't wait until Thursday! I've got the best idea for my blog!"

WHY didn't I get him started on this earlier?! Like two ulcers ago?!

Oh, and this boy, the same child who told me last night that George Bush was violating the Monroe Doctrine, told me a story tonight about skeleton soldiers who shot turds out of their mouths that bounced down a hill and landed on a king's head. And then the King launched into a song called, "Don't Judge a Turd by Its Cover."

I think that story violated the Monroe Doctrine.


Kim said...

"Don't Judge a Turd by it's Cover." Methinks GWAR has its newest single!

crabbydad said...

Totally. It's the b-side of the single "Let it B... M."

Anonymous said...

Blip blop.