Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dead Man Gifting...

The old lady's birthday is tomorrow and, well, I have no idea if she'll even remotely not-hate what I got her. I'll know in about 10 hours. I do know that she'll love the things the kids got her. Mr. Z, on his own initiative, mind you, bought her a shiny purple rock from the store at his camp. With his own money, no less. Ain't that a kick in the jodhpurs. And Miss O painted a little pinwheel thing at camp for the old lady to stick in one of her potted plants. Another perfect gesture.

Me? I probably could've put a turd in a box and had the same odds that she'd like what I got her. Hell, it would've been a lot cheaper and I would've at least been able to say that I made it myself.

Maybe next year.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Crabbydad, for teaching me a new word. Now I know what those funny horse-riding pants are called. I feel like a better, more educated person.