Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Civic Doodie...

Well, I got the Civic working again -- apparently, it just needed a new batt'ry. This time I went to NAPA auto parts instead of Wal-Fart (see what I did there, with the 'fart'? Genius!). They were kind enough to sell me a batt'ry with the posts in their correct positions, so it fit and everything. End of story, right? If you think so, then you haven't been reading now, have you?

Apparently, when you disconnect the batt'ry in a 2001 Honda Civic, you cut the power to the piece-of-shit radio/CD player that, for someone unfucking known reason, has a theft-protection system in place that renders said shitty radio/cd player USELESS unless you have a special code that was supposed to have come with the car back in 2001. Well, guess what -- we bought the fucking car from Carmax in 2003, and those shitasses never gave me a fucking code, so now I have to drive around this dessicated turd of a town humming to my goddamn self 'cuz my shitty radio/cd player is protecting itself from being stolen. Mother cock-ass!

I instantly logged on to the innernecks, to see if I could unearth some sort of work-around, but it seems most people just end up calling Honda and paying 80 bucks to get the code. Well you know what? I'm not payin'. I'm gonna keep poking around to see if I can hack into this fucker, and if I can't, then I'm just gonna drive around and hum, goddammit. Or whistle. Or play a comb with wax paper over it. Or maybe I'll get the ol' boombox and duct-tape it to the dashboard, and play some old Iron Maiden and Krokus cassettes on it.

I will NOT, however, call Honda and pay those shit-huffers 80 beans.

Yeah, I probably will. Goddammit.


jjs said...

This exact scenario happened to me with my Pontiac Grand Am. I screwed around with it forever trying to figure out how to get it working. I finally called GM and they gave me the same line of shit about paying $80 or so, which I was unwilling to pay. After more screwing around with it I found that the code is actually in the car’s manual. Maybe check there?? Good Luck!

crabbydad said...

UPDATE! Score one for Brute Force! I ripped the bottom half of the stereo out, with my BARE HANDS, and was able to locate the serial number under the radio. Called Honda, gave them the s/n, and they gave me the code -- fer nuttin'! I can once again listen to all the Seger and Nugent mid-Michigan has to offer!

I officially break the crabbyhex on Honda.