Thursday, August 30, 2007

All Right, Summer's Over... Who Needs a Ride Home?

Last day of camp for the spawnage tomorrow. There goes the fucking summer. Man, it seems like only yesterday I had my first solid poop in a week. Wait... that was yesterday. But it seems like only the day before yesterday that the spawnage were starting their summer, the 'maters were just starting to peek out of the dirt, and I was hiding in the bushes picking off woodpeckers with my wrist-rocket.

Ahh... simpler times. Simpler times.

Don't know if we're going to actually get off our fuh-tasses and do something fun this Labor day weekend. There's talk of driving to Lake Michigan for the day on Sunday -- could be, I don't know, fun. I'm sure no one will be on the road... heading toward the lake... on a holiday weekend. The Old Lady and I are really shitty at motivating and going out and doing fun family shit together. We have fun, mind you, but not usually the let's-pack-up-the-car-and-hit-the-road-gang kinda fun. What's the payoff, ya know? The kids never want to go -- we have to drag 'em to the car, we drive for half the day, get there, sit in the hot fucking sun, spend a million dollars on shitty food, get back in the fucking car, drive home, unload all that crap and then the spawnage are uber-crabby for like a week. Good times.

By the way, Miss O, who is supposed to be aSLEEP right now, just called me, frantically from her room, and I had to run up from the basement, then up to the second floor:


MISS O: Um... [pause... pause... pause...] Uh, what's a pocket protector?

And I'm supposed to reward THAT with a trip to the beach? Yeah, THAT'll happen.

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