Saturday, August 04, 2007

Don't Even Get Me Started on the Klingons...

I was driving the spawnage to camp this morning, and I could feel an argument brewing between the two of them, so I quickly intervened:

ME: Hey, Mr. Z. Did you hear? Some astronomers discovered rings around Uranus!

MR. Z: (laughing) That's disgusting!

ME: And I also heard they found some giant craters on Uranus, too.


MR. Z: Guess what? They also said that Uranus really stinks!

ME: (laughing) Hey, good one, Mr. Z!

MISS O: Oh, and know what else? MY anus is really dry and itchy!

ME: [laughing hysterically and almost driving into a ditch]

MR. Z: Miss O, that's not how you do it! You're supposed to say "Uranus."

MISS O: Oh... Uranus is really dry and itchy.

ME: Don't worry, Mr. Z... maybe we can put some ointment on Uranus when we get home.

MR. Z: HEY?!

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