Thursday, April 05, 2007

Returned to Sender...

The spawnage have returned to Capistrano, the deafening silence has been extinguished, and balance has been restored to our crabby little home. I'd tell you all about their trip, but I'd rather let Mr. Z's trip log do the talking:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 (visual)

Day 3

It stops after Day 3, for some reason. Either he got tired of writing, or my parents snatched his notes away so as not to reveal to us the systematic destruction of every parenting rule and regulation we've worked so hard for the last eight years to establish. I'm sure it went something like, "Hey Mr. Z... just hand us those notes and you can have that frosted Pop-Tart that's sitting on top of that Happy Meal that's spread out in front of the TV that's showing an endless loop of violent PG-13 movies that you can watch until many hours past your very reasonable bedtime."

But turning my kids into sleep-deprived diabetics is a small price to pay for taking them off our hands for five days, so I sure as shit ain't complaining.


Jon said...

I love that he used a trademark sign in there. He needs to update his blog with this stuff. Excellent work. It's a shame blogger doesn't include some kind of drawing feature on its entry page.

I'm slated to begin construction on Mr. Guanaco next week. I'll keep you posted.

crabbydad said...

The boy's big into copyrights. He has been doing a little with his blog. We'll see about getting some drawings up there.

Totally psyched about Mr. G. The whole house is orangutinglin'.

Anonymous said...

How freaking awesome is that? It's not everyday you read a CHILD's log of activities. The crabby guy and his lovely wife have wonderfully clever kids.

That was sweet, thanks for putting them up, made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I really do enjoy looking at kid's art, but Mr. Z, you might want to edit at least the rocket image - One reversed name jumps out at you, and more may be visible on this or other pics, too. Just thought I should tell you. Better safe than...
Great site, by the way.