Monday, April 30, 2007

My Little Executive Vice-President of Programming...

I'm in no mood to jibber-jabber tonight. Perhaps, instead, you might spend your time checking out what's airing on Mr. Z's ZPC channel. Check your local listings:

Me, I'm definitely setting the DVR for "Crazy Raisins!" and "Doggie Business." Although the description for "The Swiddle Swarm" is looking quite intriguing:

I've gotta start copyrighting the boy's stuff -- five bucks Fox starts airing "Herry Maximum" this fall. Bastards.


Jon said...

These are amazing.

I find Jack the Clay Man and Tokokomo and Me - Costume Crazy! both extremely intriguing. Just the titles alone kick the crap out of anything on the CW.

I suggest you guys get to working on the theme songs immediately!

Crescent said...

I love the fact that The Weird Show is so popular that it's on twice. I smell syndication!