Monday, April 02, 2007

It's Almost Too Quiet...

Things are mighty quiet 'round heeyah, minus the spawnlets. Too bad I still have to fucking work. If we were smart, the Old Lady and I would've planned to go somewhere fancy. Of course, her spring break was a couple of weeks ago and I don't get no stinkin' spring break, so fucky turdshits.

We did go out to dinner last night, which would've been great, had it been a dinner that was not here. Actually, it wasn't horrible. I think the fact that I got a four-glass flight of red wine helped me choke down the gristle-y bits. I'm pretty sure a lot of shit would go down easier with a four-glass flight of red wine. I should remember that before, say, my next dentist appointment or prostate exam.

Yeah, so we went to this place called "Dusty's Cellar," which is really a shitty name if you think about it. Boy, I'm hungry -- I wonder what's down in my dusty cellar? Maybe some silverfish, or mouse turdlets? Or... dust? The food's highly average. My caesar salad had too much dressing, the crabcakes were bland and my entree, some turkey/veggie bread-y wedge was dried out and pretty tasteless. But the wine was great and the key-lime pie was good, so it wasn't a complete wash. It was good to get out, though. I don't think the two of us have been out to dinner in, like, six months.

I don't know why we don't go out. Well, I do -- the restaurants suck bung, we don't really have any babysitters, if we do find a babysitter it's another 50 bucks tacked onto our shitty dinner bill, and oh yeah, did I mention that the restaurants suck bung. Even so, we should probably go out more often. Maybe we'll go out, but we'll sneak in our own food. Basically just pay for the table. Kinda like take-out, but it's take-in.

Anywhich, we're planning on going out again on Wednesday night. Some new Irish pub/restaurant opened up and, hey, I haven't had my bangers mashed in awhile, so why not. Maybe I can get a flight of Guinness to wash it all down.

You know, I just realized -- isn't it ironic that we ate at "Dusty's Cellar" and I work all day in my very own dusty cellar? Maybe tomorrow night we'll go eat at "Danky's Shithole."


Jon said...

I've been to "Danky's Shithole" and the food went straight through me.

heyjenb said...

I can say the same for Moldy's Cave, and it gave me an asthma attack to boot.