Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out Like a Lion, In Like an Asshole...

I've been freezing my test-cicles off down in this cement dungeon, of late, because it's been a wintry wonderfuck around here for the last week or so. It snowed like four goddamn inches today. What the cock is going on?!

Anywhich, my icy sarcophacicle melted away when Miss O brought home perhaps the greatest illustration she has ever created. I will share it with you all as a way of hastening the thaw and bringing on the springage:

I love that she's hanging 10 on the bad-assiest wave ever -- that thing's like a fucking tsunami, and she's just chillin' in her see-thru shirt/skirt combo going "Ain't nothin' but a thang." Wonder Woman, won, indeed.


Jon said...

I love Wonder Woman, Won. She sounds so world worn. I imagine you coaxed her into singing by offering her a pack of menthols and an otter pop.

And the drawing is stellar. My advice would be to take your kids out of school now and lock them in a room with some candy bars and a box of crayons. Hey, it worked for Bad Ronald.

Evan said...

I knew I had seen that wave before.

crabbydad said...

Nice movie reference, Jon. And fyi, Miss O's not a menthol girl. She only smokes cloves.

And Evan, I can't believe Tim Burton ripped off Miss O's drawing. I'm gonna sue that pale, hairy sonofabitch.