Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Jam...

Miss O has been having some poop issues, of late. That's kinda her thing. She gets constipated a lot, mainly because she doesn't seem to enjoy drinking liquids very often. Last night she told us that her stomach hurts "pretty much all the time," which means we should either be really worried, or she's full of shit (probably literally).

Today we gave her some prunes and dried apricots, in addition to the Citrucel that we usually give her after dinner. She spent some time on the crapper and basically filled the goddamn bowl with, as she said, "lots of giant dugongs." (Don't ask... for some reason, years ago, Mr. Z started likening his shits to these, and the practice just stunk... er, stuck.)

So, after admiring her newly birthed dugongs, Miss O free-styled a little poem:

When I was little
Mom and Dad knew what to do.
They gave me prunes and apricots
To help me make poo.

She's a regular Henry Turdsworth Longsmellow.


Anonymous said...

Pear juice and pears. I too have a little one with poopy problems. I also use latulose syrup.

Anonymous said...

grr that should read LACTULOSE.

Im sick. Can't type very well on my better days but now it's worse, I didn't even bother to proofread.