Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ceci n'est pas une Miss O

Well, Miss O has upped the contrarian factor exponentially. Tonight, at bedtime, she told me that I was pronouncing her name wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised if, tomorrow, she tells me that I was adopted.

Oh, I just remembered a classic moment from yesterday, as we were all walking home from the library. We had gotten a bunch of books, one, a cartoon-y, kids book about the facts of life. I was walking along with Miss O, the slowest walker in the goddamn universe, when I overheard Mr. Z, who was thumbing through said book, ask the Old Lady, "Mom, what do testicles taste like?"

Hey, at least he asked someone who'd know.


Jon said...

I'm trying to think what my mom would've said in response to that question. Probably "Ask your father."

This is one of those entries that I can't wait for your kids to read in twenty years. Amazing.

Peter said...

And her answer was...?

crabbydad said...

... chicken.

Arnie said...

If you can just get Bjorn to respond to this post, you'll have the complete line-up from Peter, Bjorn and Jon.

natasha said...

What if Brett responds while wearing Harper in the Bjorn?

Also, this entry was amazing.