Friday, June 16, 2006

Pecker Trouble Redux

The goddamn woodpeckers are back.

The pecking on our bedroom wall has started again -- usually beginning at around 5:30 AM. Those motherfuckers. They've made three, brand-new holes -- a couple RIGHT NEXT TO THE FUCKING HOLES I FILLED AND PAINTED OVER, WHICH ARE RIGHT NEXT TO THE GIANT INFLATABLE OWLS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO SCARE THESE FUCKING RATS WITH WINGS BACK TO PECKERTOWN!

Oh, it's ON!


Cazzie!!! said...

OMG, woodpeckers aye...that'd totaly suck Crabbydad!! We have birds called Starlings here and they are just as bad, they find a place to nest in the roof..can get into any small hole between the roof tiles too. Noisy bloomin' thangs!!

Doug the Badger said...

The first badger eh? My real name is Doug and i got the badger part from one of your stories. Said Captain Obvious.

Woodpeckers can be scared off with some reflective device. Such as aluminum foil or reflective tape. Give that a shot. If not, bye a BB gun.