Monday, June 19, 2006

Dad, Can You Tell Me a Story?

ME: Once upon a time, Miss O and her friend Miss C took a ride on Miss O's unicorn, Sally, to go to a beauti--

MISS O: Miss C doesn't believe in unicorns.

ME: Well... she did in this story. Anyway, they went to a magical paradise that had a beach and mountains and--

MISS O: You mean like Polly Pocket Tropicool Pool Paradise?

ME: No. Way better. This place had mountains and a waterfall. So, Miss O and Miss C jumped into the water and stood under the waterfall so they could--

MISS O: Was the water shallow?

ME: Sure... it just came up to your shoulders. And--

MISS O: That's not shallow! Shallow is when it comes up to your ankles and--

ME: OKAY! It came up to your ankles! SO... after they spent some time at the magical island, they climbed back on Sally, WHO MISS C NOW BELIEVED IN, and they flew to Miss O's house, where they--

MISS O: Miss C doesn't know where I live.

ME: [silence]

MISS O: Dad?!


MISS O: Then what happened?

ME: Then we drove Miss C home, and we knew where she lived because we looked up her address on Yahoo Maps, and we said goodbye and that's the end. Goodnight.

MISS O: What happened to Sally?

ME: She went home. Sleep tight.

MISS O: [pause] Can you tell me another story?

ME: [SFX: the sound of every blood vessel in my brain exploding]

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