Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stand Back! He's Got a Line of Code in His Hand!!!

So I put together a little FLASH music player thingy over to the right there with some of the spawnages tuneages on it. It's frankensteined together with junk ripped off from hither and thither, so let me know if it works okay, or if it's as half-assed as everything else I do (see: toilet post). I'll try to put the newer tunes on there soon.

Speaking of tunes, when I was at my parents' house a coupla weeks ago, I borrowed my dad's old turntable with the intention of digitizing a few of the 400 plus albums I have littered all over the fucking basement. I pretty much hate all my goddamn CDs at this point, so I figured I could find one or two songs I'm not sick of on vinyl.

I started looking through the boxes last night and I'm starting to piece together a most excellent, if not COMPLETELY random, mix of olde tymee songees. I kinda wanted to start featuring a song every week or so on the blog, but I'm wondering about the legal issues of uploading the shit to Internet Archive, where I've dumped all the spawnages' tunes. Plus, it seems like kind of a hassle.

For example, tonight I was going to offer up "Money's No Good" by Off Broadway, circa 1979. They were like the poor man's Cheap Trick, but more skinny-tie-y and paint splatter-y. I think I saw them play at Loopfest when I was 15 or so. I found a video of one of their recent shows on youtube and, frankly, it's depressing as shit, so I won't post it. They sounded okay, but it just reminded me that, at my age, it's really not a good idea to be in a band that plays in front of, you know, people. No one needs to see that shit.

So, until I figure out how to post this shit the right way, I'll offer up a video of one of the tunes I transferred from vinyl. Actually, this band's kinda like the poor man's "Off Broadway," if that's possible. Get a load of me -- I'm Dick fucking Clark. Spin that wax and 23 skiddoo, kids, it's "The Jags"...


seizuresalad said...

Much more Knack than Cheap Trick to my ears.

Loving it crabbydad, I've been on a big skinny tie music kick...listening to XTC's first album all week.

crabbydad said...

Yeah, seizure, I only mentioned "the Trick" 'cuz Off Broadway came out around the same time and were also from Illinois. And were also produced by Tom Werman, strangely enough.

Hey, if you dig XTC, you've gotta check out "The Nines" from Canada, eh? Listen to the samples on this page and I guarantee you will buy it: