Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Think I'm Gonna Be Six...

Miss O will be six years old in one hour. Holy carp. It was like only yesterday that she was sobbing uncontrollably because I wouldn't let her throw the beach ball in the living room. Wait... that was yesterday.

Like the crabbyspawnage that she is, Miss O is a true individual. A) She's fucking hilarious. Case in point, tonight I told her that we were just going to get her a roll of toilet paper for her birthday. Her response? "Great! Make it white. I'll color it myself!"

2) She's a musical genius. Case in point:

"A Cool Pair of Shoes (Is All I Need)" by THE MISS O BEAT

And III) Aside from her mother, she still has the greatest laugh in the world:

Happy Birthday, Miss O! Without you and Mr. Z, I'd just be plain ol' "crabby."

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go wrap your roll of toilet paper.


queen lisa of montreal said...

okay, all hilarity aside (though the toilet paper comment is pretty hilarious), it's clear how much you love your kids, your wife...discussing your bowel habits (wait - that takes all the lovely sentiment out of this message! Scratch, ew. Okay, let's just drop this topic altogether!)
What I was meaning to say is: It's really nice to see that, though crabby, you love your spawnage so damn much.
Happy trails, and Happy Birthday Miss O!

nora said...

Happy Birthday to Miss O.

I hope you're wrapping the TP in some lovely Innis paper.
I love how you're encouraging creativity and individualism in your kiddies. The world is a better place already.

seizuresalad said...

Happy birthday Miss O!

bad influence girl said...

I'm gonna be happy the rest of the day just hearing that laugh.

Happy Birthday to Miss O, I hope she doesn't use up her whole birthday present at once.

Kim said...

Happiest of Happy Berfdays to Miss O! I hope she gets the coolest pair of shoes EVAH!

Maybe these?

Melissa said...

That really is the best laugh ever.

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday, Miss O!!!

You're only six once so live it up. Go TP your house!