Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gum on Over and Play...

Overheard conversation between the heathen, Miss O, and her parochial school buddy, Miss A...

MISS A: I have to wear a dress to school on Thursdays because that's when we have Mass.

MISS O: That's weird... we have math EVERY day.

I already called the Bazooka Joe people and they've guaranteed that the above exchange will be on the next batch of comics, along with the fortune: He who eats ice cream in a car is a sundae driver.


Kim said...

Kids say the darnedest things!

My 12-year-old nephew told me this weekend that he thinks the word "puns" is kinda funny, because it reminds him of "buns."

Jocularity, jocularity!

crabbydad said...

And Kim, you can tell your nephew that, like buns, most puns stink.

Kim said...


I told if he had "p" in his buns, he really had problems and needed to adjust his stance.

I was so happy he got the joke--his sense of humor is well-developed for a pre-teen.