Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Baby's Done Growed Up!

Miss O thanks all of you for your warm birthday wishes. I said to her:

ME: Miss O, some people who you don't know... actually people who I don't know either but who I like to pretend I know, wanted to wish you a really happy birthday today!

MISS O: Uh... okay.

Trust me, she was thrilled.

The birthday was a smashing success, and all it cost the Old Lady and I was all of our money. But it was worth it -- she loved everything she got. The highlights were her new orange Vtech camera (that I'm sure will break right about... now!), her "Enchanted Fairy Village" (with pieces even PUNIER than Polly Pocket footwear, if you can fucking imagine), and a really cool erasable, magnetic calendar from Miss O's cousin, Miss W.

The biggest hit, though, was the kimono the Old Lady and I got for her:

She's wanted one ever since she read this book that she's completely obsessed with called "Suki's Kimono," and we finally found a cool one in this hippie/nerdarino catalog, "Magic Cabin." It's the kind of place where Deadheads and Trekkies walk hand in hemp-y hand, in perfect harmonerd. Oh, and she also loves the Jan Brady locket we got her -- complete with a tiny picture of the whole crabbyfamily wedged inside.

Anywhich, it was a great day that has managed to render my crabby-powers completely useless. Even Mr. Z's inevitable meltdown before bedtime barely registered on the ol'crab-o-metre. I won't even attempt to shoehorn a "motherfucker" or "what the shit?!" into this post -- my heart's just not in it.

Oh well... tomorrow's another day. As a matter of fact, it's a day when the spawnage have the day off school... FOR NO APPARENT REASON WHAT-THE-FUCK-SOEVER!!!

Uh-oh... my crabby-senses are a-tinglin'...

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