Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Guess He's A Barbie Girl...

So, Mr. Z came home from school a coupla weeks ago singing the song "Barbie Girl," by Aqua. Not a bad tune, really, but it was such a random song for him to be singing -- the song came out in '97, a year before he was born. I guess some kid at school turned him on to it, and now, lemme tell ya, the boy is hooked. It's like his black tar heroin. He sings it non-stop, knows all the words, and now has Miss O singing it, too. They keep wanting to watch the video on YouTube. It's all very surreal.

Anywhich, I realized that I haven't made them a mix CD in forever, so this morning I whipped one together. I promised him I would make "Barbie Girl" the first song as long as he let me pick out the rest of the songs. He obliged like the little junkie that he is. I decided that I would load the disk mostly with songs that I obsessed about as a young lad. Looking at the tunes I chose, I can see that the boy comes by his obsessions honestly. The 19 songs on this mix, minus a few outliers, are a perfect smattering of my musical influences. It's a heady, poppy stew that will either enlighten the spawn or, more likely, fuck them up as musically as I am. Here 'tis:

1. "Barbie Girl" -- Aqua
2. "Xanadu" -- Olivia Newton-John
3. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" -- The Tokens (Mr. Z's choice)
4. "King Tut" -- Steve Martin
5. "Little Saint Nick" -- The Beach Boys
6. "Yoda" -- "Weird Al" Yankovic (Mr. Z's choice, again)
7. "Yellow Submarine" -- The Beatles (Miss O's choice)
8. "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band" -- Meco
9. "Peek-A-Boo!" -- Devo
10. "Sugar Sugar" -- The Archies
11. "Snoopy for President" -- The Royal Guardsmen
12. "ABC" -- The Jackson 5
13. "Particle Man" -- They Might Be Giants
14. "Love Everybody" -- The Presidents of the USA
15. "Honey, Honey" -- ABBA
16. "The Beat Goes On" -- Sonny & Cher
17. "Saturday Night" -- Bay City Rollers
18. "Hold On Tight" -- ELO
19. "Love Will Keep Us Together" -- Captain & Tennille

Yeah, that's gonna fuck them up.


Jerry said...

O God. Now I've got that damn Barbie song stuck in my head.

nora said...

S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y NIght! S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y NIght!

Quick think of something else.

Great mix CD, love the Devo and They Might Be Giants additions.
And you can never go wrong with The Archies.