Saturday, March 10, 2007

Guess He Looked Back...

I'm strangely devastated by the news that Brad Delp, former lead singer of Boston, is dead. Maybe it's because Boston's music was the soundtrack to a good chunk of my youth, maybe it's because the dude was only 14 years older than I am, maybe it's because I didn't get any sleep last night, but it's bumming my shit hard.

I've always been kind of a serial monogomist when it comes to music -- I tend to "hook up" with a band, listen to the shit out of it, then kind of tire of its whining and toss it aside for the next catchy hook to slink on by. Oh sure, I may call that band up, late one night, and ask it to come on over for a quickie listen, for old time's sake, but it'll never be as good as that first time. Only two bands transcended that scenario: the Ramones and Boston.

To this day, when I hear a song by either band, it's as if I'm hearing it for the first time. On Michigan radio, the only music they play more than Seger and Nugent is Boston. When I get in the car to go anywhere, if I switch on a classic rock station (and there are about 460) I will hear a Boston song before I leave that car. And I swear to shit, I never turn the dial. I crank it up and I belt out every goddamn lyric... an octave lower. That fucker could sing the fuck out those fucking tunes. Fuck.

I always wanted to start a Boston cover band but I knew I'd never be able to find anyone who could sing those songs. And they were pretty fucking stupid songs -- "Smokin'," "A Man I'll Never Be," "Cool the Engines"?! Goofy shit, but his vocals made them classics. And now he's on a slab, getting his fluids drained. I guess it's that feeling that the chapter on Boston is now closed forever. And it's not like I was waiting for the next Boston album to come out or anything. I think it's just a big ol' "Hey dude, you're fucking old and all the shit from your childhood is now ancient and dying" kind of moment. I guess I felt the same way when Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer died, too.

I think part of it is that, being an emotionless husk of a person, some of the only times I can conjure up quasi-emotional moments is when I listen to certain music. Journey reminds me of high school girlfriends. The Clash reminds me of getting drunk in Jim Kanter's basement. The Replacements remind me of college. The Smiths remind me of when I was gay. And Boston reminds me of summer and driving and cutting the lawn and Old Style beer and not being a goddamn old man.

R.I.P.: Brad Delp and my youth.


Jon said...

Seriously this sucks. I'm with you on the whole Boston thing.

The selfish part of me really hopes they managed to get the new album done before he died.

heyjenb said...

RIP, Brad. He did have one of the best rock voices.

I was seriously, seriously bummed when Strummer died. I still think about it weekly.

But I'm getting emotionally ready (hopefully a few years in advance) for Neil Young...I'm gonna have to take bereavement leave from work for a week.

crabbydad said...

Jon, yeah I would've been a lot cooler with the untimely death of Tom Scholz -- heard he's a real tool. I have the first three albums on vinyl, but I downloaded them over the weekend and had my own little tribute. Miss O seems to love the tune "Smokin'." She was doing some sweet air-keyboard during it. Do I smell a Miss O cover tune??

Heyjenb, bite your tongue. Don't even speak of such blasphemy. Neil will never di-- uh, kick the--, er, he'll never go to Sugar Mountain. Besides, with that 'heart of gold,' he's part cyborg, already.

natasha Levinger said...

Ironically you wanted to be in a Boston cover band and he was in Beatle juice, a Beatles cover band.

Maybe you can think of it as being extra young! Don't rock stars die before their time and isn't that all about being super cool and young? Sure!

rima said...

dud, you were gay? how did my 16 years of 10011 gaydar steer me wrong?

crabbydad said...

Dying at 24 or 25 by choking on one's own vomit is cool, as a rocker. Dying at 55 from carbon monoxide poisoning is just plain depressing. And Beatlejuice was great, by the way. Check this:

Rim, I was a non-practicing gay during the late 80s. It was the hair-helmet meets hammer pants era. I flew under the gaydar.

rima said...

and if i remember correctly there was a time when you and i bought - i shudder at the memory - MATCHING HAMMER PANTS. oy.

crabbydad said...

Oh I remember, Rimmer. What was the name of that store? Was it "Rocket 69"? Total ripoff. Hammer woulda hurt 'em.

heyjenb said...

Crabbydad, the sooner you get used to the idea of the Old Man sitting around with Brando and Pocohontas by that big old fire in the sky...the less it'll rip your heart out when it happens. I'm just sayin.

Love your blog, btw.