Monday, October 23, 2006

Counter Attack...

So they started work on the kitchen today. When the two dudes showed up at 8, the kitchen looked like this:

Three hours later, they were done:

I really like what they've done with it -- it's so much more open, and it's so much easier now to see what's in the cabinets without the doors. So I ask the dude when he thinks things will be finished and he says, "Oh, I can probably have the cabinet doors on by Friday." Hey, Friday, that's awesome. Pretty quick turnaround.

Then I asked him when the other small things, like the stove, dishwasher, sink and counters might be making an appearance, and he said, "Oh, I don't know... around November 6th or so." Then came the "What the shit?!" heard 'round the world. I have to wait 14 days until I can set something down on something?! The original design dude said five days, start to finish, and now this clown's telling me that I can't cook something or wash something or lean on something for two weeks. Ain't that a bizznitch.

I guess we'll be either microwaving, toasting or George Foreman-ing (you know I'm breaking that fucker out). Of course we can always order in. We've got our pick of the take-out litter: shitty Mexican, shitty Chinese, shitty pizza or really shitty Thai.

Hold on... 14 days, there are four of us and three meals a day... carry the seven... that's 168 meals. I think I'm just gonna pick up 14 cases of these:

"Yo Miss O, if you're done picking at that "Type XII Style 1 Enriched Protein Bar," send it over my way! Shoot! Heat that bad boy on the George Foreman -- them's good eatin'!"


Kim said...

We remodeled our kitchen last summer. We had it all planned out--it would take about a month.

HA! It took almost three.

It was a long, LONG time before I wanted to go near the microwave or eat off a paper plate again. We ate lots of cereal, too.

Good luck with the remodel. It'll feel like a huge pain, but you'll love the results, I'm sure!

Martin said...

Shit, all you need are a few exposed wall studs and some water stains and you've got the ultimate "I don't feed my kids none of that shit that don't come frozen to kill the germs" kind of white trash kitchen. That is AWESOME! For some reason all those who deal with the home (contractors and realtors) are the biggest asshole fuckfaces on the earth!