Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Say Goodnight, Miss O...

Bedtime conversation with Miss O tonight:

MISS O: I wish the week were eight days long so there could be a three-day weekend every week.

ME: That would be awesome. Maybe I'll send a letter to whoever's in charge of the weeks.

MISS O: Oh, you mean [doing air-quotes with her fingers] "God"?

ME: What? Where'd you get that from?

MISS O: Don't some people believe that [doing air-quotes again] "God" is in charge of the weeks?

ME: [amused by her early-onset atheistic cheekiness] Uh... I don't know. I guess... maybe.

MISS O: Well, I don't believe in [air-quotes] "God."


MISS O: So... what does it mean when you do this [air-quotes] with your fingers?


queen lisa of montreal said...

I love both Miss O and Mr. Z...they have completely charmed me. :-)

organicneedle said...

My 4 year old, whose school is secular but housed in a church, saw a giant picture of Jesus on the wall in one of the side rooms. He was thrilled. " have a painting of Obi-wan."

crabbydad said...

Hey Queen Lisa -- you wanna take 'em for a coupla weeks? They've never been to Canada. They can charm you 24-7!

Organic -- that's hilarious. He must've been wearing robes in the painting. It's probably a bit harder to explain the Obi-Wan in a diaper paintings.