Thursday, June 19, 2008


You know, I knew that going to the doctor was going to be a bad idea -- the Old Lady even told me so -- but did I listen? Uh, that would be a "negatory." I went to my family practice doc to see why the shit I've had what seems to be the flu for more than 10 days. Innocent enough. So what did I get for my troubles? A prescription for an antibiotic so powerful, it kept me up LITERALLY all night and today every joint in my body (except "that" joint) is in total pain. Baaaaad antibiotic. Seriously, my body feels like it was in a goddamn car wreck last night. The fucking pill should come with an airbag... for my airbag.

Oh, and I had to go get a CT scan of my sinuses this morning at 7 a.m. Not that it mattered what time it was 'cuz, hey, I WAS UP!!!

Can I just start this fucking year over, please? Holy shitfuck, it's been a shitfucker.

So, I called the doc this morning and gave him a "what the shit?!" and he said, through his nurse of course, "Hm... yes, those symptoms can occur with that pill. I'll call a different one in for you." Gee, don't put yourself out, Doc! I looked this new one up online and, luckily, it's the shit-your-ass-out kinda antibiotic, instead of the break-your-whole-body kind.

Shit, I can handle. (figuratively, of course) I'll just sleep in the tub for the next 10 days.

Seriously... what am I doing wrong?

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seizuresalad said...

Poor crabs, I hope you start feeling better, you've really had a bad run of it.

I used to work in a health food store for a long time, and discovered olive leaf extract. Cured every lingering infection/itis type thing I ever had (I used to get chronic sinus infections.) Maybe do a little googling..can't hurt!