Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Miss O No... Not Again!

The crabbiness has all become clear to me now -- Miss O was up with a fever last night and she's officially re-sick... again. No school today (and most likely none tomorrow) and I had to spend the day making her comfy, playing marathon Uno games with her, forcing the fluids and trying to find something that she'd fucking eat, all while trying to shoehorn some work into the minutes in between. It was snot fun.

Before the fever, we actually had this grand plan for today. Miss O was supposed to have an eye doc appointment in Brighton, which is about 45 minutes away, and we were going to rent a van, pick the kids up from school, stop at the doc's office, and then continue on to IKEA, which is about another half an hour from there. We were going have dinner there, load up on bungloads of cheap Swedish kräppë (we especially wanted to pick up some deck furniture so we could start eating outside) and it would've been hunky-fucking-dory.

But she didn't go to school, I canceled the van rental, canceled the eye doc appointment, got zero Swedish kräppë, and I got my ass fucking schooled all day in Uno. Which was almost as fun.

I just hope her phlegmishness clears up by Saturday morning, 'cuz I'm actually shakin' the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and heading on an overnight geek-scursion to Fort Wayne, Indiana for Gearfest 2008! That's right, beeyotches, 10 hours of complete nerdarinos drooling over recording gear they can't afford in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne -- home of... uh... Gearfest 2008? And Frank Burns.

You can begin envying my life right about... now.


Jasper Mocks said...

Holy Crap! Fort Wayne for Gearfest 2008??? The Mockingbards made their plans for an Indiana summer get-a-way a month too early! Maybe we'll just skip over Fort Wayne and head north to Lansing for a good meal. I'm thinking of trying Troppo.

crabbydad said...

Don't do it! Nope-o, remember?

Sarah said...

"Fort Wayne is within a 250 mile radius of 17% of the total U.S population, and within a day's drive of half the nation's population."

From an email from the Fort Wayne Tourism Bureau that I got the other day.

Just thought I'd share! Have fun a day's drive from civilization.