Thursday, May 01, 2008

All RIght, Everybody Outside!

Through much finagling, badgering and bit of mild threatening, I was able to flush the spawnage from the musty inner-sanctum that is the crabshack and air them out in the "out-of-doors." I even managed to capture a picture or two of them actually "exerting." Here's Miss O engaging in a game she likes to call "One... darnit! One... aw c'mon! One... Man!"

And here's Mr. Z floating on his prototype Maglev hippity-hop.

Looks painful. I'm thinking we're just gonna throw that underwear away.

I'm telling ya, though, the never-ending, frozen-tundra shitfuck that is a Michigan winter almost seems bearable during these three or four days of what we mid-westerners like to call "Spring." Of course, in a few days it'll shoot up to 98 degrees, with 130% humidity, and my sack'll once again be blanketing the parched ground like a deflated zeppelin, but for now, I'm gonna take Miss O's lead and run around the dead lawn like I'm in the original Broadway cast production of "Hair."

Happy Spring, fuckers.


Lacy said...

Your kids wear crocs, huh?


crabbydad said...

Judge not, Lacy. Judge not. One chooses one's battles when one has spawnages. Just like one does when one gets married. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you're wearing crocs before the honeymoon is over.


lizzy said...

Is that a McCain Sign? I'm worried about red signs on the crab lawn.

crabbydad said...

HELL NO, LIZZY! The sign says "Support the Troops: End the War." What kind of nutbags do you take the Crabbyfamily for?! The Crabbyfamily is, has been, and will always be granola-eatin', Birkenstock-wearin', radical-feminist, gay-marriage-supportin', tree-huggin' progressives. McCain can suck my recycled-toilet-paper-usin' ass.

lizzy said...

Just checkin', as I know Michigan is the state of the Nuge. No tellin' if they got to ya. And I've come to react to red. Plain old conditioning.

Jasper Mockingbard said...

If you ever get tired of Michigan weather, come to Florida in July. The weather is absolutely wonderful. Be sure to spend all your time at Disney or at any of the other parks. I hear that July weather is the most conducive to standing in line. Everyone who vists seems to end up there, so it must be nice. You'll never again want the bitterly cold winters or the cool 98 degree spring days.