Monday, May 26, 2008

A Cool Pair of Wheels Is All I Need...

Miss O finally decided that it was time to ditch the training wheels on her bike and learn to ride two-wheeler-style. You can't force Miss O to do shit -- and if she senses that you want her to do something, she'll completely polarize and refuse to fucking do it -- but once she makes up her mind to conquer something, she fucking kicks its ass. Which is what she did with her bike. I ran along side her a coupla times and then, boom, she nailed it.

Today, we went on our first all-family bike ride around the subdivision and she really was amazing -- keeping up with Mr. Z, riding up hills, stopping at stop signs -- the works. I spied her writing this later on this afternoon:

Our baby's done growed up, mother.

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Kim said...

Awww yeah. Roll on, Miss O!!