Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fledgler's Blog!

It's finished! From the mind and voice of Mr. Z comes the latest KICKSOME KLASSIC -- "Fledgler's Log (Polka-Dot Feet)"! I think it's his best song to date, which is saying a lot 'cuz the boy has cranked out some beauts. I think story-wise, though, this one is totally solid. It's the story of an outcast bird who is taunted by his classmates for being different. (Hmm... how does he come up with these crazy ideas?) Luckily, the bird finds a good friend, and the two of them proceed to win over the world with the help of a mysterious stump. But here, let Mr. Z explain it.

OH! And check out Mr. Z's very first solo -- he rocks the hizzy with a Farfisa lead!


"Fledgler's Log (Polka-Dot Feet)" by KICKSOME

Fledgler's Log (Polka-Dot Feet)

Here's a story 'bout a bird called Peet
That had some funny polka-dot feet
Peet's classmates made fun of Peet
Just because of his polka-dot feet

Well, Peet went to his good friend Dog
Dog helped him build a Fledgler's Log!
Peet thought the log was very swell
And brought it in for Show & Tell!

Oh, it's a log!
(What sort of log?)
A Fledgler's Log!
(What is a Fledgler's Log?!)
A very special kind of log.

Peet's classmates thought the log was neat
And they didn't make fun of his polka-dot feet
Everyone though Peet was neat
And Peet now loves his polka-dot feet!

[Mr. Z's Keyboard Solo!]

Peet saw Dog and a nice piece of ice
And they feasted upon worms and rice
Peet and Dog and Ice loved the rice
And from then on, the classmates were nice!

Oh, it's a log!
(What sort of log?)
A Fledgler's Log!
(What is a Fledgler's Log?!)
Oh, it's a log!!
(What sort of log?!)
A Fledgler's Log!!!
(What is a Fledgler's Log?!?!)

A very special kind of log
It was loved by Peet and Dog
They found the log in a big, giant bog
And I hope you liked my story of the Fledgler's Log!


Innisanimate said...

Awesome. Simply awesome.

And the British accent just seals the deal. The word 'log' just sounds so much more special that way. Bravo.

Lizzy said...

Um, wow. Look out Ringo.

crabbydad said...

Innis, thanks. Yeah, it's too bad he didn't work the words "chuffed" and "jubblies" into the song. Oh well, maybe he will in his next song, "Sod off, Reg!"

Lizzy... I'll take that as a compliment?

Evan said...

Hmmm. Dog "made" this mysterious log? And it was found in a big giant bog? Special indeed. I'll be making a Fledgler's Log after lunch.

It's a great song as always. I think you're right that it might be Mr. Z's best. I Love the bass line and the last note of the solo.

crabbydad said...

Yes, there was some controversy over that last solo note, at first. The Old Lady claimed that it "didn't go," but she eventually came around to Mr. Z's genius. (Modulations are tough to explain, I've discovered.)

Pie Eyed said...

Zeke needs to ditch the old man and go solo...Crabby, you're holding him back

Jerry said...

Mr. Z rox!

The song has a "Mickey" kinda vibe to it. Must be the organ in the background.

Crescent said...

There's something beautifully mysterious about the fact that the question of what exactly a Fledgler's Log is. That's between a bird and his dog. Although I'm inclined to subscribe to Evan's theory.

Lizzy said...

Of course the Ringo comment was a compliment! So much so that I've played this for everyone who approaches my computer (although "Washclosh" is still my all-time fav.)

But admit it, it's got a bit of "Octopus's Garden"or "Life goes on" or "With a little help from my Friends" up in there. Especially with the question and response in the refrain. I mean, I know Ringo wasn't the shiz-nizzle of the Beatles, but he offered some catchy tunes we all enjoy. This is catchy, and I enjoyed it. There.

If you don't prefer Ringo, rest assured that he'll be more of a Lennon when he hits adolescence.

Either way, fucking talented, man.

crabbydad said...

Actually, I love Ringo. As a lazy drummer who never practiced, I always admired Ringo's restraint and grooveability, along with Bun E. Carlos, Joey Kramer and Phil Rudd. Although, as far as Beatles go, I was and will always be a George man.

As far as "Fledgler's Log" goes, I kinda had "Smithers Jones" by the Jam and the Who's "Happy Jack" in the back of my mind. But I can hear the Ringotude in there. And I'll tell Mr. Z you dug it. Thanks.