Monday, November 19, 2007

Schmeckel Me This?

Private message to the person from the Allstate Insurance Company who, at 4:48 this afternoon, Googled "what does schmeckel mean?" and got my blog:

It means schvantz.

Glad I could help.

To everyone else, I'm going to bed early tonight, as we're loading up the car tomorrow and making the ill-advised trek to Chicago for Turducken Day. I'll try to post there, but it's kinda tricky -- my dad's computer is in the room where Miss O sleeps. I'll have to type quietly or face the wrath that is the rudely awakened spawnage.

Ha, I love how Blogger underlined "schmeckel" and "schvantz" with that "you-misspelled-this-word" underline thing and suggested "Fleishman" and "servants" instead. Well, at least they put their anti-semitic, racists agenda out there in the open. Bastards.

Anywhich, off to sleep. Maybe I'll have another stress dream like I did last night, where I was on the road with my old band, and when we showed up to the gig -- Surprise! I forgot my entire drum set.

Curse you, dream-me!


nora said...

Wow, the drummer version of the going to work naked dream.

Safe travels and have a happy Thanksgiving.

seizuresalad said...

crabbydad, I'm a drummer too. My drummer stress dream is that I'm on stage with some famous band (it's been The Police and Stones recently) and as I'm playing, my sticks get smaller and smaller until I'm playing with toothpicks.

If I was a man I would think that had something to do with my penis, but I'm not and I don't have one, so.....?