Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autumnal Sequin-ox...

And, being the Autumnal Sequin-ox, I have to make this a quicky, as "Project Runway" starts tonight, signaling that time of year when I inexplicably turn gay for 15 or so episodes. This season looks promising, what with their Jay clone, their Austin Scarlett/Sanjaya mash-up clone, some weird, pale street-urchin newsboy dude, and, of course, the insane chick who just slaps shit together and calls it "clothes." I apologize to those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, or who could give two shits, but when you spend 98% of your life wheezing in a dank basement, fashion reality shows somehow become important.

Again, I blame the radon.

Oh, and I'm not saying Mr. Z fucking blew the class away with his diorama presentation today, but he informed me after school that his teacher actually asked if he could keep the diorama in the class to show future 5th graders how the fuck it's s'posed to be done. I told him to tell his teacher that that would be fine, as long as he ponies up an annual display stipend, along with the requisite 10% agent fee.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear how Miss O's not-a-turkey presentation goes. I'm thinking they're gonna have to build a fucking wing on that school to properly house the fantabulous treasures of the Crabbykids.


Kim said...

I totally said last night that guy (at least I think he's a dude) had to be Sanjaya's gayer brother. He's beyond annoying, and I couldn't believe the judges actually kinda liked his bad 80s-looking plaid nightmare jacket. Further proof I have no taste, I guess.

The flaky blue-dress hippie chick grates my cheese too. She needs to be auf'd in the worst way.

And how awful did you feel for the fat guy, chugging across the lawn at Bryant Park to tussle for fabric? I thought his creation was beautiful.

I love Tim Gunn, and I love this show. I'm just as gay for it as you are.

Carry on! Make it work!

Anonymous said...

The Plaid-jacket manboy (or Mango, as I call him, since is IS apparently being played by Chis Kattan) is priceless.
-Kim's sister

Anonymous said...

That would be Chris Kattan. Sheesh.