Thursday, December 28, 2006

See? Glass!

It was quite balmerrific yesterday, so we trucked on over to the lake, with all the kidlets in tow. I have no idea what they did once we got there, however, for the minute I hit the sand, I fell into my borderline-Aspergers-searching-for-sea-glass-zombie-stupor-walk. I'll say it again -- if anyone out there knows of some sort of job wherein I might be paid to crawl along a beach looking for rounded off pieces of old glass, let me know.

The xmastacular vacay at the rental's house has had its ups and downs. Xmas morning went surprisingly well. There was a minor meltdown by Miss O when, during the opening of the stockings, noticed that Mr. Z had a glow stick necklace and she didn't. But after that, things were amazingly peachy. They actually took their time opening presents and seemed to even savor each gift before tossing it aside for the next one. Our purchases went over very well -- the highlights being the Teen Titans action figures purchased on ebay ("Dad! How did you get these?! You totally lied to me!") and the giant, green fairy canopy thing for over Miss O's bed ("I can't wait to put this in my room! I'm going to put 1000 stuffed animals in it!"). The "Most Coveted" award goes to the bright green hippity-hop that we got Miss O -- Mr. Z hasn't stopped badgering her about using it since it appeared. The dude's already a complete spatial-relations spazmo, and lolling around on an inflated rubber ball hasn't been helping things very much. He's pretty much kicked everyone in the head at least once and is getting really proficient at "knocking shit over" and "racking himself."

Today, the old lady and I, along with my sister, brother and their spouses (spices?) are heading downtown to the Sofitel, some Frenchy hotel in the city, courtesy of my folks. We did the same thing last year -- they watch the kids and we go out and eat as much not-cooked-in-Michigan food and buy as much not-made-in-Michigan clothing as we can in 24 hours. I plan to savor every fucking moment, 'cuz the memory has to last until next December 30th.

So, instead of wrapping this post up all neat and clean-like, I'm outta here. We'll have to continue our chat later. I've got me some fancy shit to eat and wear.

Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you got to do lots of French things (wink, wink-nudge, nudge).
Happy New Year!