Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Hope That Thing's Paper-Trained...

Bath night, tonight. I walked in on Mr. Z as he was holding this little Harry Potter gnome action figure (Griphook, if you must know):

... next to his schvantz, saying, in a little gnome voice, "Hello, little piggy! Would you like to be my pet?"

Needless to say, I didn't stick around to see if the adoption was ever finalized. I just hope he didn't take his new pet to the vet to get it neutered.

I felt a little shitty today, as I was unable to attend Miss O's kindergarten Holiday Party this morning. It was from 9:30 to 10:30, and today's my short day at work, and I had to finish this music I was working on 'cuz I'm going to be out all next week, and blah, blah, I'm a horrible father, call DCFS, and I'll die alone and penniless. She was a little upset when I dropped her off, but, when I picked her up after school, she couldn't have cared less. So, I guess she'll live. And they apparently ate all my banana muffins, so... bonus.

Mr. Z, however, was a bit of a wreck after school today. Apparently, his one friend, B, has been hanging around with this shit-wipe who's been a total prick to Mr. Z. The boy's convinced his friend has gone over to the dark side, and now feels like he doesn't have any more friends. I tried to explain that B can be friends with lots of people and still be Mr. Z's friend, and I repeated my constant refrain of, "... and that's why you should try to make more than just one friend, so you won't be relying just on that one person." He shot back with the old, "But all other boys just play football or soccer all recess," and I volleyed back with, "But what about the girls? They're lots of fun to play with!" And then he said "no way" and I said "don't worry, it'll be all right," and then I gave him a butter-rum Lifesaver and we walked home, pals forever. Actually, I think he's just ready for xmas and a couple weeks off from school.

He seemed much better after his bath, tonight. Nothing a little plastic dwarf riding on his dink couldn't fix. I just hope that gnome doesn't give his little piggy a case of the Hogwarts.

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