Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Buffin' the Tube...

I have to work late tonight, which I try not to do very often, so I'll make this a quickie. I had my work camera on and there were still a couple of people in the office, finishing up. The cleaning woman was darting in and out of frame from time to time, cleaning off desks and vacuuming and shit. At one point, she came right up to the TV, on which my giant noggin was being broadcast, and she started dusting the lens of my camera. She obviously had no idea that I was a real person and not just a really fucking boring TV show, and she thought she was just cleaning off the tube. I was just about to unmute my microphone and say something like, "Hey, lady! Don't forget to wipe off my knobs!" when she must've hit the power switch, or something, and my connection crapped out. Bummer. Though it's probably for the best -- she probably would've had a fucking grabber and I'd end up getting tele-sued.

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