Thursday, December 07, 2006

I Know Thou Art, But, Prithee, What Art I?

Mr. Z has been getting back into his drawrings, of late, and they're getting mighty wacky. He's doing this sort of space/wizard/undersea kinda vibe. Here's the cover for his latest, "Tales of the Throne":

It's classic because he and his friend are the heroes and all the shithead bully dicks from school are the evil sorcerors/trolls. Here's a classic moment from chapter two ("Plight of the Preposterous"), in which "A" (manipulative bully from school) and "B" (aggressive, racist bully from school) are having a heated discussion in their lab:

Suddenly, an ugly and demented old man came in. He was a total troll. "I am Lord B! I shall guide you!" said the troll.

"You're evil!" yelled A. "I don't like evil people!"

"But... you are evil yourself, A!" said B.

"NO!" yelled A.

"Come on upstairs, and I will show you," hissed B.

So, B, the evil lord, and A went upstairs. "See?" asked B. "They don't pay any attention to you. Just the babies, the babies, the babies!"

"Why?" wondered A.

"Because... you want me to say?" asked B.

"Yeah!" yelled A.

"They think you are EVIL! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!..." echoed B.

That's my boy -- working it out through thinly-veiled fiction at home rather than with his fists during recess. Besides, like his old man, he'd probably get his ass kicked.

I can't wait until Chapter Three, when A and B get suspended from the Royal Academy because Principal Galahad finds a spiked mace, two daggers, a sword and a Ram's Head crossbow in their lockers.

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