Thursday, March 26, 2009


This letter mysteriously appeared in the mailbox yesterday...

I knew something was fishy, as today is the day that my parents spawned me, but I played along with it.

MR. Z: Hmm... who's that letter from, Dad?

ME: I have NO idea. Someone named "Rich Dethlefsen" from Mason?! I'll bet it's just some sort of real estate thing or maybe a coupon to some cruddy store in Mason.

MR. Z: Yeah... are you gonna open it?!

ME: You know... I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I open my other birthday cards. That way it'll seem like I got more stuff.

I could tell that he was dying for me to open it but I managed to drag it out until this morning. Sure enough, upon opening the mysterious letter, I found this inside:

And of course an original Mr. Z poem:

Apparently, he told the Old Lady a couple of days ago that he wanted to "trick" me on my birthday by hiding his card in a "bill." A classic Mr. Z idea, by the way. He got the dude's name and address from the phone book. The funny thing is, yesterday after school he told me he wanted to run next door to see if his friend P could play. I told him that P wasn't back from school yet and he replied that he wanted to go ask the nanny if P could play once he did get home. I told him to just chill and wait a while. Now I realize that he wanted to stick his faux bill in the mailbox so it would be mixed in with the mail when I went to get it. Apparently, I was being inadvertently dickish. I'm good at that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go write Rich Dethlefsen a thank-you note.


Todd S. said...

Haha!! That's great!! And Happy b-Day. Oh...tell Mr. Z, sage advice on the pus squeezing!

Sarah said...

Happy day indeed! May the woodpecker not awaken your birthday morn with its serenade.

Innisanimate said...

Happy Birthday Andy. Sorry you're so old.

Kim said...

Happy Crabbyday!

Some of the best birthday cards I've ever received are the ones that kids have made for me. I love the misspellings and original drawings. I've kept every one of them! (Who knows what I can use them for when those little weasels grow up and join the government!)

seizuresalad said...

That is so cute it almost, almost makes me want to have kids.

On second thought - na. I'll just keep reading your blog instead.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is?

I actually know Rick Dethlefsen from Mason. No kidding.


crabbydad said...

Hey Edric -- Tell him thanks for the birthday wishes!

No... wait...

Anonymous said...

I am Rick Dethlefsen from Mason - Happy Birthday :O)

crabbydad said...

And a Happy Birthday to you, too, Rick. Whenever that may be...

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