Monday, March 02, 2009

Challenge 2: Electric Fu-galoo

The voting has begun for Round Two of the Song Fu challenge:


I'd implore you to vote for my song "Machine," but it seems pretty fucking futile at this point. Not to sound bitter or anything but... oh, wait, bitter is my thing. Okay, bitterly, I say that it's pretty fucking impossible to compete against people with 12,000 YouTube subscribers and/or websites shared by best-selling author siblings. I mean, maybe it's fair but at this point, regardless of whether my song is "the best" or whether it sucks shitballs, there's virtually no way for me to break into the number one or two spots because I don't have a virtual army of cyber-sheep hungrily devouring every musical turd I blast outta my fanny.

But hey, it's not about the winning, is it? It's about... no... I'm pretty sure it's about the winning. Oh well. If you like my song, maybe you could vote for it. Multiple times. From multiple different IP addresses.

See, this is why I don't like to compete in things. If this contest were a checker board, I'd have flipped it off the table weeks ago.

My name is crabbydad, and I am a spoil-sport.


Darrin said...

Heh... that was sweet. Speak n Spell meets the Tijuana Brass Band. Awesome.

crabbydad said...

Nailed it, Darrin. I reached into my magic hat and pulled out "Speak n Spell" with one hand and "Herb Alpert" in the other. Actually, I originally pulled out Sergio Mendes, but my Spanish isn't so hot, so I reached back in and found Herb. Thanks for the kind words.


Todd S. said...

I was just thinking that the middle had this whole "Lost in Space" breakdown (the series, not the movie because the movie was a turd)...and then you threw the DANGER in at the end!! Awesome.


FartsinMeetings said...

I'm a fan and I did vote and not because you asked me to from every digital orifice. About this tune -- I'm feeling a little Match Game meets The Funny Company Indian baaaaaah.

crabbydad said...

Thanks, Fartsin. And like the Funny Company Indian, you are an expert on long, loud honks.