Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who Effed?!

[conversation in kitchen last night]

OLD LADY: So, I dropped an F-bomb in a meeting today.


ME: [spraying hot tea outta my nostrils] No, while "dropping an f-bomb" sounds like it should be about farts, it actually means something else.

MR. Z: What is it?

OLD LADY: I said "fuck."

MR. Z: Whoa! Your students must think you're mean.

OLD LADY: No, I said "fuck" in a meeting with other professors.

ME: But you're right, Mr. Z, Mom's students do think she's mean.

I swear, every day our conversations become more and more like some sort of dysfunctional Bazooka Joe comic.



Todd S. said...

OK. The Bazooka Joe comic was brilliant!!

off to vote now.

crabbydad said...

Thanks, Todd. I'm digging the Bazooka Joe comic constraints of three talk balloons and a fortune. I may have to make this a regular feature. Maybe even offer some prizes... that basement's not gonna empty itself.

Kim said...

I would like the gold tone pear fruit pin please.

Oh, and I voted.

And I love the old lady. I've been in many a meeting where I would have LOVED to spray the room with F words.

crabbydad said...

Kim, that'll be $1.25 plus 15 comics, please.

[Actual product may differ significantly from product pictured.]

Todd S. said...

Heh. Contest? I'm in. Or I could just come up with a truck and we could pull an Alice's Restaurant on the stuff in the basement (it's not a VW microbus, but it should do the trick).

OOH! Now I know what I'm getting Kim for her birthday!

crabbydad said...

C'mon by, Todd. I've got lotsa stuff for ya -- like maybe my taxes from 1987 through 1998. Still in unopened box!

Todd S. said...

WOW...Income Taxes NIB...that's a steal...(if I may use that word in the same breath as taxes without the slightest hint of irony) :-) Not for nothin, but a (virtual)tour of the crabbydad studio* lair would be a WAY cooler prize than the gold crusted pear thingie mabob. LOL.

*unless of course I already missed that in a previous post from times of yore that I'm too lazy at the moment to go back and read. Alright. I've gone a little to close to psuedo stalker for my own comfort. LOL. Later! Looking forward to the next track/rant!

crabbydad said...

Well Todd, the basement rehab is finished, and once I get off my pointy ass and move shit into it, I'll post some shots. Or stop on by... with a trailer. You haul it, it's yours.

Todd S. said...

Haha. Don't joke. I know the wife and kids would love a roadtrip up to the CrabbyPad...(especially for a chance to rock out with the Dino Tubes!) LOL. And I wouldn't turn down a jam session in CrabStudios :-)