Thursday, April 02, 2009

Song Fu 3: Electric Booga... lee?

It's that time again... time for me to beg you to vote for my song at the never-ending Song Fu contest:

Blah, blah, VOTE, blah, CRABBYDAD, blah, TURDS

Have I mentioned that I'm SO ready for this thing to be over. I've actually wanted to start posting here on a more regular basis, but this contest has sapped any stink of extra late-night energy right outta me.

Obviously, a lot has happened over the last month or three. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Tae Kwon Do + Miss O = medal

2. Spelling Bee + Mr. Z = trophy

3. tooth + looseness = Miss O losing first tooth ever

4. Me + wet burrito from The International Traveler's Club and Tuba Museum = cramps and explosive 'rrhea

5. basement + workers + all of our money = new basement

6. woodpecker's return + dad's bb gun = we'll see?

Let me know which one you want to hear about first and I'll get to it just as soon as I lose the Song Fu contest.


Kim said...

The basement! I wish we could remodel our CHUD-hole basement. I have remodeling envy.

Oh, and explosive BM's are always good for a laugh, especially on the road.

Anonymous said...

no stealing the name- we already have a chud hole.

BTW- We REALLY want to listen to "A Dog named Jeff". ??? Can't find it!

- Kim's Sister

crabbydad said...

Chud hole it shall be. And Kim, did you mean that explosive BMs are funny when they're actually ON the road, or that when YOU are on the road, it's funny to hear about them. Because, really, those are two VERY different scenarios.

And Kim's sister -- if I can ever get off my lazy, skinny ass, I'll put Mr. Z and Miss O's CD together so everyone can hear "A Dog Named Jeff." Wait, I think that was on the first CD. I can just give you one of those. That's what I've gotta do... maybe I'll just put all the songs up here for downloading. Gotta figure out how to do that. Hold that thought...

Todd S. said...

It's like a family re-union up in heeyah. Crabbydad-that round three song is awesome-who did harmonies?

And yes...we have a CHUD-hole...currently it's half full of 1500 LPs and half full of pc crap and half full of something else we shouldn't be keeping. (and can I just say...that the Uke chick is annoying...)

And this just digressed into random babbling on someone else's blog. Man I hate that.

-Todd (Kim's Brother in Law, Kim's Sister's Hubby)

crabbydad said...

Thanks, Todd. Harmonies are none other than the Old Lady. Gotta get her to record more -- great set of pipes (and she can sing well, too).

I'll let you guys get back to your family reunion. Sorry to interrupt.

Todd S. said...

LOL. No interruption:-) (I see 1/2 of the reunion every day).

And do need to get her to sing more...that was just the ticket on that track (and I was hoping it was someone like the OL, because if it was you...that would've been some scary-wicked-Brian-Wilson-kickin'-Good Vibrations- falsetto...and we all know how tough it is to blog from the bed in a weed-and-saltwater induced coma....or something like that).

Jeremy said...

Didn't you hear the sound of the tubas, warning you? Warning you? There's a reason they put all those tubas in there.

Also, never eat the sushi at the Seagull Baby Chick Feeding Museum.

Anonymous said...

Happy Passover Crabby Dad!

Alex Wollangk said...

Well, you got my vote. You, Hank Green and "That Uke Chick" Molly Lewis are nearly guaranteed my vote. After that I give a quick listen and weed out all the songs I don't feel I could possibly vote for, I roughly sort the rest and finally give preference to those with the least votes. This go 'round beyond the fab 3 I voted for Edric Haleen and Timothy Rush.