Saturday, August 16, 2008

Make it Work, Miss O!

Well, it looks like Miss O has a future in fashion. Yesterday, we received a huge box with some new blinds for our bedroom, and the contents were wrapped up in shitloads of bubble wrap. Miss O asked if she could have all of it and I reluctantly said "okay," as long as she did all the popping on the opposite side of the house.

There was no popping to be had, however, as she was apparently transforming the plastic poppers into haute couture. After about twenty minutes, she came sashaying back into the room modeling the results. I give you the first outfit in Miss O's "Popparel" line:

Now I'm no fashionista, but I think that outfit beats the shit out half the crap on Project Runway. Maybe I'll give her the box of packing peanuts that the new chairs came in and let her really go to town.


Kim said...

Oooh, that shiz is FIERCE! She'll never be the hot tranny mess that half the contestants on this season's PR have turned out to be!

Tim Gunn would approve of her innovative, POPular choice of fabric.

Carolyn (sea mystery) said...

Packing peanuts and glue = hats and shoes. I think that would make the emsemble complete. Way to go, Miss O! xxoo

crabbydad said...

You're right, Kim. Her outfit is way more bubblicious than anything Blayne or any of those other crapmeisters could produce. Although I'm calling it right now -- the winner's gonna be either Terri or Korto.

Carolyn, of course, she's gotta use the packing peanuts for the accessories. Brilliant! Add a duct tape belt and she's set.