Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinnertime at The Crabshack...

MR. Z (reading a magazine): What's vee-aggra?

ME: It's "viagra." And what are you reading?!

OLD LADY: It's a pill for men who can't get an erection.

MISS O: What's an erection?

MR. Z: It's so weird! It's when your thing gets hard and sticks out. I get one when I have to pee or when I see a cute girl.


ME: Hey, who needs more milk?!


Kim said...

Viva Mr. Z! Nothing gets past that boy.

Jeremy said...

If this conversation lasts more than four hours, please contact your physician, as this may have permanently damaged your innocence as a parent.

nora said...

You know, that is exactly how I imagine dinnertime at the Crabshack.

Arjun Sen said...

I appreciate your posts and think it's a great blog for me to refer back to. I've just started a blog called and I'd love to link to one another's since we discuss many of the same issues parents face.

Chris Boyd said...

Love your blog.

These conversations are pure gold.