Sunday, March 16, 2008

She Must've Eaten the Leper-roni...

Surprise! Miss O has a mystery virus with a spiking fever -- she was up all last night and so far, tonight, she's been up a coupla times already. Gee... I wonder where the fuck she might have picked that up. (Hint: it rhymes with "seizureland.") Fucking motherfucking fuckers.

So, with Miss O out of commission, we spent a good portion of the day sitting on our asses playing board games, instead of basking outside in the sun. Mr. Z dug out this game we used to play when he was wee called "Alpha Animals." You basically make your way around the alphabetized board, naming off different mammals, insects, birds, etc., that start with each letter. It takes approximately 900 hours to play, and we weren't going anywhere, so it was fucking perfect. Here was my favorite moment from the game...

[Miss O had just landed on "N" and was trying to come up with a fish that started with the letter "n."]

MISS O: (lying on the couch) Ummmmmmm... Nipplefish!

[everyone laughs uproariously]

ME: C'mon Miss O. There's no such thing as a nipplefish--

MR. Z: NO! There is too a fish called the Nipplefish!

ME: No way, dude!

MR. Z: (pausing/looking upward/realizing) Oh, no wait. I was thinking of a Lumpsucker.

I proceed to blow a giant snot projectile out of my nose as I almost infarct my brain from laughter. Hilarity ensues and the game is basically over.

[End scene.]


Kim said...

Nipplefish. Ggreat band name. Alt-country, I'm thinkin'...

Kim said...

Great, even. Just call me Tony the Tiger. Sheesh.