Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where's That Confounded Bridge?!

Well, the song for my dad is basically done, save for the verse reserved for my goddamn brother who, although he promised to phone me tonight with something to stick in there, hasn't called as of 1:27 a.m. and we're leaving tomorrow at noon, and I know I'm gonna be mixing this fucker at 11:45 and I knew he wouldn't call so why am I so pissed off, but fuck, man, is it too much to ask to fucking let me finish the song so I can wash my hands of it and post it on my blog and then get some goddamn sleep so I can start my first fucking vacation in over a year?!

So, the song. Well, we started out thinking it was going to be a rock-opera kinda vibe, but that was getting no place fast, so I tried a strummy bluegrass thing. Then I realized that the last three songs I've recorded were strummy bluegrass things, so, fuck. Then I started dicking around with these strange renaissance bladder instruments that I had samples for, and I was going to do this honk-y bassoon meets crumhorn number, but it was a little too Medieval Times for me. Eventually, I stumbled on a Ennio Morricone "Good, Bad & the Ugly" idea that seemed to complement the stuff that Mr. Z and Miss O had already recorded, and whattyaknow, there it was.

I don't know if the final tune will be too "my family" for any non-relatives to really appreciate, but I'll try to post it up here tomorrow before we leave, if my fucking selfish-ass brother gets his shit together, goddammit.

First-born motherfuckers, I'm telling ya.

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nora said...

Hey, watch it buddy! I'm one of those first-born motherfuckers!

Here's the story: he's so intimidated by the creativity of his younger siblings that he's totally stumped and stymied--and he knows that those words mean the same thing, damn-it --but thats how panicked and tortured he is and his brain is totally frozen.

Or his a lazy fuck, got drunk and his hoping you forgot about the whole thing.

I may know something about either scenario.

Have a lovely trip!