Friday, July 27, 2007

Many Happy Returns!

Well, I just finished wrapping the last of the gifts I got for the Old Lady's birthday tomorrow. Once again, I have no idea if she'll secretly hate everything I got her, or if I'll get lucky on one or two items. I didn't go out on any major clothing or jewelry limbs this year, as I'm usually WAY THE FUCK OFF whenever I attempt that moron's errand. Except for last year's ring, and the ring I got her in the late 90s. The ring she lost... which, I don't think I ever mentioned, she found again. 'Tis true. It had been lost for like eight months and then she found it in the storage thingy under Mr. Z's bed. Fuck, I wish I had found it. Then I could've given it to her for her birthday and it wouldn't have mattered if the rest of the crap I got her was shitty. Which it is. I think.

Or not. Sure wish I knew.

One thing I know I did right -- I made reservations for dinner in Ann Arbor on Saturday night at some place called "Logan: An American Restaurant." I'm pretty sure it's the sequel to "Fievel: An American Tail." I even called a babysitter and everything... ALL BY MYSELF! Get me, I'm making phone calls! I think tomorrow I'm going to try to wipe my own ass.

This afternoon I had the spawnage make cards for their mom while I cranked the new "Wolfmother" cd I just got. Holy fuckstain, those dudes rock the schnizzy. And the spawnage dug it, too. Miss O was doing this hippie dance to that song "Woman" that they do. It was very "Laugh-In" meets Lancelot Link's "Evolution Revolution." Sure wish I videoed it. But I didn't. Alas.

Here, in its stead, is the video of the song. It'll blow your ass clean off. Buy the disk, it'll make you shit... out of your newly assless back-hole.


Dippity said...

My kids love Wolfmother. Is that allowed at 9 and 11 years? Trying to think when I started diggin Black Sabbath, because they are fairly similar...but I believe I was still listening to 'Ohio Players' at 11.

Taught Sammy the opening lick to 'Joker and the Thief' on the lektrik gueetar and now he is hooked.


crabbydad said...

Hey there Reeky! Long time no hear from you. Yeah, Wolfmother is definitely the Sabbath for the new generation. They don't bite the heads off bats, but they have cool hair and their shoes are made from hemp. I love that Sammy is rockin' on the geetar. We'll have to get them all together some day for Dip 6: Mach 2.

Talk soon!

Anonymous said...

dud, whatever happened to the genius web idea that will make us both rich? you no email no more?

crabbydad said...

Rim -- don't you know my m.o. by now -- think of million dollar idea, do nothing with it -- don't make million dollars. Busy as carp. We'll talk.

Jon said...

I have long been suckling at the teet of Wolfmother.

And I like the band too.