Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, I Must've Done SOMETHING Wrong...

Quick update -- didn't think it was possible, but I'm pretty sure the Old Lady really liked everything I got her for her birthday. I know, what the shit?!

1. Muse CD -- loved it

B. New cap for iPod shuffle that has a clip to use while working out instead of using that narsty, yellowing neck-lanyard thing -- poifect

III. New headphones for said shuffle -- eh, maybe, maybe not. They're not the in-your-ear-hole kind, so she's not sure if they'll block enough noise. If she doesn't like them, it's Gabe's fault from work. Gabe, you're a fucking dick.

Fore. Gift certificate for 1 1/2 hour long massage at Hempy McGranolachick's massage-o-rama -- no brainer

E. Combo Laptop desk stand dock thing/USB hub for her new laptop she's getting -- not the most romantic gift in the world, but she seemed to dig it and she'll thank me when her neck doesn't hurt anymore and she realizes it fucking ROCKS!

9. Locket with a picture of Miss O on one side and Mr. Z on t'other -- perfecto! It's a pretty hip one -- from this place called Uncommon Goods. Most lockets are of the Jan-Brady-Secret-Admirer-type, gold hearts and cherubs and shit -- the kind that only look right on one of these sweaters:

By the way, look at the attitude on those fuckers. They must've ruled 1981. And look how she's checking me out. She totally wants me! Too bad she's hanging out with that douche, Bobby Sherman. Eh, they're probably both dead now.

Anywhich, the locket I got her is very hip, and it's silver and she digs it. So I could view this birthday as a total success. Unfortunately, I'll actually view it as an utter failure, because now she's going to expect me to keep this level of giftage up for Xmas, and her next birthday, so I'm basically fucked.

Oh well, at least I can relax now... for NINE DAYS until Mr. Z's birthday. Son of a...


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should be proud of yourself. Really! If I got even ONE birthday gift from my husband in the past five years, I can't remember what the hell it was. As a matter of fact, the only birthday gifts I've gotten in the past five years are the ones that I bought for myself because I liked it and it was my birthday. That's how it usually works here at my house. As far as gift-giving goes and loving your wife, you're the best. Now wipe those tears, clear your throat and GO find some GREAT gift online. My motto on gifts is stockpile, stockpile, stockpile! All you need is a good hiding place and a good memory or password.

Jon said...

What a couple of edelweiss-holes.

crabbydad said...

I think her right hand is jammin' a strudel up his braunschweiger.