Friday, August 26, 2016

What Mr. Z Eats in College: The Sophomore Meals/#002

8.25.16 Dinner

MR. Z.: Taking some more risks, and today that means I got the dish on the upper right, which claimed to be tempeh but seemed much more like Satan. It was actually not too bad! And the pizza quality has surprisingly improved, too.

This meal's color palette:

The elusive green color makes an early appearance this year. I like that he's taking some culinary risks and not parking his colon solely in pizzatown just yet. I call "foul" on the chef for trying to slip seitan into a dish by calling it tempeh, though. As far as alterna-meats go, tempeh is fine, but eating seitan is like choking down a vegan hemp-loogie. Wheat sputum.  It's like the giblets of a Tofurkey. Keep up the healthy eating, though, Mr. Z!

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