Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Mr. Z Eats in College: Meal 050

1.25.16 Dinner

ME: Ooh, that looks good...

MR. Z.: Yeah, great meal! Complete with kale!

ME: Your new friend, Kale?

MR. Z.: We're becoming good chums. He's easy on my bowels.

This meal's color palette:

He's got the kernel of the right idea here. There's no pizza on the plate, bonus, and there are greens. Unfortunately, the greens are part of a pasta salad that is sitting beside his main course: pasta. (Which is sitting beside his other main course: grilled cheese sandwich.) At least he's washing it all down with a nutritious orange beverage. I can't complain, though, as this is light years ahead of where he started the school year. Keep up the kale, Mr. Z!

Colon motility forecast: Doughy with a chance of kale...

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Innisanimate said...

I'm still upset that the plate is being factored into the palette. Although without the plate, a palette is just "et" ... Maybe I'll supply you with true proportioned palettes take directly from the meal itself.