Thursday, December 10, 2015

What Mr. Z. Eats in College: Meal 047

12.8.15 Dinner

MR. Z.: Tonight was a "mac and cheese bar" (so basically there were MASSIVE vats of mac and cheese). I took advantage of the opportunity and may or may not have gotten seconds, too. That veggie burger is a substitute for the nightly salad. It was pretty decent (though honestly, the only reason I didn't get a salad was because I couldn't fit it on my plate).

ME: You know where you need to sleep tonight?

MR. Z.: One of the dorms actually has a tub. I'll sleep there.

This meal's color palette:

All of my sphincters reflexively slammed shut when I looked at that plate. That's probably a half pound of pasta right there and he says he got seconds. No wonder our grocery bills plummeted by $150 after he left for school. I'm sure Italy is like, "Cosa รจ successo a tutti gli ordini di pasta da Michigan?! Stiamo per andare fuori dal mercato! Mamma mia!" Oh well, he'll be home for a month starting next week, which should help restart the Italian economy. I also love that, in Mr. Z.'s mind, a veggie burger on a bun with a Kraft single is the equivalent of a salad. Would it kill him to at least tuck a piece of lettuce into that thing? Get some green into that color palette, Mr. Z!

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