Wednesday, February 11, 2009


STICKY: Please vote for my (and Miss O's) song here:

Click this sentence with your mouse-y clicker!

As of 11:21 PM tonight, we're in second place. Not first, mind you, because I don't "do" first place. Or it doesn't "do" me. Nope... me and Bobby Brady... losers. Just like the goddamn ice cream eating contest -- Bobby was fucking chowing down on that bowl and then ol' Porky McSnarferson ends up getting the golden scoop.

Why can't I ever get that golden scoop.

It's the kids today with their loud ukulele music, that's why. No one has time for old men and their calypso songs. Oh well... maybe the crabbyfamily will have a trophy for me at breakfast tomorrow morning: "Honorable Mention Parent."

An old man can dream, can't he?

[a single tear drips from cheek, splashing on a nearby box of adult diapers]

End scene.


elZaphod said...

Kudos on H.A.P.P.Y. It was one of two Fu tunes I actually added to my iTunes. And this from one of your cutthroat Song Fu competitors!

Consider yourself lucky to place, we're currently stuck somewhere in the middling mediocre middle. And I'm paying bums off the street to vote for us!

How old is the singer? Could she teach this old dog new singing tricks, even though I've only been singing since Sunday evening?

Eric of AudioMohel

crabbydad said...

Thanks for the kudos, Eric. I do feel lucky to be where I am... I realize that, without Miss O's vocals, I'd be bringing up the rear... so to speak. Miss O is seven and she teaches me things about singing every day. In fact, she and Mr. Z (her bro) have taught me more about music than any of the bands I was ever in. And they don't smell as bad as most musicians, which is a bonus.

And Audiomohel wins the "best name" honors, hands down.

Rusty said...

I've already left my Kudos and Congratulations on Quick Stop. But, I wanted to thank you for posting the lyrics. I really enjoy copious liner notes with my albums.

"H.A.P.P.Y." is one of the better tunes in this round of Fu. And, once again, Miss O did an outstanding job with a song that is not simple. And she comes across as sincere, not precocious. That's a very rare quality in children singers.

Good luck in the rest of Song Fu.

-Russ of "Rusty's Rocking Jamboree"

Paradigm_Shift said...

I am so fricking jealous of you and your kids! While in the fullness of time I learned how to put my singing talent (or complete lack thereof) to good use by (1) accelerating the process of souring milk and (2) compelling little ones to get their butts moving, your kids can actually sing on key.

Miss O really knocked this one out! H.a. . . . p.p.y. indeed!

We can't wait to hear your submission for round 2.