Monday, January 05, 2009

Song #1... 51 more to go...

All right, there's no fucking way I'm gonna crank out a song a week, but I did get the first one done over the weekend, so... one. I think it's a pretty fucking awesome tune with which to kick off the new year, I might add.

It's called "Dino Tubular" and it's a song the spawnage wrote about a mysterious gift they each received over the holidays. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, so I'll let them explain it. Oh, and if you like the song, please forward it to five friends. If I'm gonna be recording this shit, I want people to fucking hear it, ya know?

Ready, go.

Dino Tubular
by Mr. Z & Miss O

We got a package that felt like clothes
But what it was, nobody knows

We opened it up and what could it be?
Was it a toy, it was cylindar-y

Then we unrolled it and it had some writing
It said "Dino Tubular," was this for fighting?

Dino Tubular

We couldn't figure out what this thing was for
It had silhouettes of dinosaurs

We called our Gramma and then she shared
How to fill it up with lots and lots of air

And the we blew it up, and up, and up
Until it was the size of a Great Dane pup, yeah!

Dino Tubular

Then we whacked it, smacked, didn't treat it with care
We were bonking each other like two fightin' bears

It's like a light saber that's made of plastic
We hit each other till we got sorta spastic

From that day on Dino Tubular was fun
For mom and dad, zeke, olive and willa, everyone, yeah!

Dino Tubular


Darrin said...

That was freakin' awesome!!! And I'm sure you'll get your 52 songs. Don't you worry. They'll come to you!

Kim said...

A little Gary Glitter, a little Joan Jett--a lot of cool! I look forward to the the next 51 songs!

Happy new year!

crabbydad said...

Thanks, Darrin, but 52 is aiming mighty high. I know the spawnage have 51 more in 'em, it's just wrangling them up to record them that's the ass-ripper. Let's shoot for 2 and go from there.

Glad you like it, Kim. And a Merry New Year back at ya.

Evan said...

Harmonies?! They're getting so advanced!

Christopher said...

It's a song, a mystery, and an infomercial all rolled into one.

I will buy 12.

Anonymous said...

Who's Willa?

Anonymous said...

Love the song. I couldn't have paid a better tribute to Dino Tubular myself. We can't put Dino Tubular down. Willa has discovered many-a crazy antic with the 'ole D.T. Must buy more! But where???

j-quest said...

Hey Andy,

Awesome, fun tune! Makes me think of They Might Be Giants. Maybe we can send it to NPR and try and get it played on The World Cafe or All Songs Considered. BTW ... Mr. O'Donnell turned me onto your blog and it always gets me out of my funk when working late. Thank you! Makes me feel like I'm not alone raising my own spawnage with the same trials and tribulations. Can't wait for the next Crabby Dad single!


J Axne

crabbydad said...

Anon -- Willa is the spawnages' cousin, you nosey nellie.

And hey, John! Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and your'n. Thanks for stopping by -- we'll see if we can't fire up a new single soon... say... by the end of the year, at least.

nora said...

Best thing I've heard in ages!
I can't wait for the next one - no pressure, though.